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Whelan Meat & Provisions is a wholesale meats supplier that is focused on providing you with safe and premium products. Whether you are looking for beef, chicken or pork, we have got all types of meat available at friendly prices. Being an independent meat supplier, we source our products locally and only pick the finest meats that are free from preservatives, preventive antibiotics, and added hormones. Over the years we have supplied many restaurants, grocery stores, schools, and institutions with premium quality meat.

Choose a meat wholesaler you can rely on

We can all agree that meat makes up a huge part of our diet. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch, or dinner, having some meat on the side adds flavour to the entire meal. Considering how popular it is, partnering with a reliable supplier is essential.

We work around the clock to ensure your needs are met. As the wholesale supplier of your choice, we won’t only source the best steak or chicken for you, but we will transport it in a clean and safe environment. You can be sure our products are delivered to you via the right protocols that adhere to stringent health measures.

We supply premium quality pork, beef, chicken, and much more!

Welcome to your one-stop shop for everything meat-related. At Whelan Meat and Provisions we have got pork, all-natural beef, and chicken, plus plenty of meat-related products. As a reputable meat wholesaler, all our products are natural. We understand the importance of consuming healthy food. And that’s why we only source meat that is all-natural, free from growth hormones, and most importantly, preservatives. When eating meat sourced from us, you can be assured of enjoying nothing more than the delicious natural taste.

Our wholesale meat products have an unrivalled reputation

Regarding supply, our products are known to have an unrivalled reputation. The first thing that is responsible for this is the quality of our products. We can’t emphasize enough how focused we are on getting the best produce from our local farmers. Before sourcing the meat, it is always inspected by our health experts. And once it passes all our checks, it is then taken to our establishment and prepared for delivery. The entire process is characterized by strict adherence to health safety measures. It is through these efforts that our products have gained an unrivalled reputation. Unlike other wholesalers, we do not take any shortcuts in ensuring you get nothing but the best.

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Of course, you can get your meat from anywhere. But can you rely on the quality? We are a reliable, and trustworthy wholesale supplier with credentials that back this up. We are a supplier that is dedicated to bringing you premium graded meat. And out standards are maintained due to the rigorous processes involved in sourcing, and delivering our products.

We heavily invest our time and efforts in making sure the meat we send to you is quality assured. Whelan Meat and Provisions is a premium wholesale company that makes sure it is open and transparent. Are you interested in getting some premium-grade pork, beef steaks, and chicken? Or do you have any questions that you would like to ask us about our products? Give us a call today or get in touch via the contact form. Our customer representatives will gladly answer your queries and take your orders.