Wholesale Meat Suppliers UK: Meat Supplier Providing Butchers With Wholesale Beef & Other Meats

Wholesale Meat Suppliers UK

What range of products can a customer purchase from a UK meat supplier?

The majority of wholesale meat suppliers UK will have a wide variety of meats for you to choose from. Beef, poultry, lamb, goat, game and pork are just a few to name when ordering online. To make life easier, you can now shop online and receive delivery to your business when you order from wholesalers. With growing demand, more exotic products such as kangaroo and ostrich can be bought from UK meat suppliers. 

We are a seasoned and dependable meat supplier with customers all throughout England who rely on us to deliver the freshest and finest meat available. All of our items are hand-selected from our vendors to ensure consistent high standards. Our extensive product line assures that we can meet all of your requirements.

We’ve created solid ties with a variety of suppliers over the last 40 years to guarantee we always have lots of high-quality meat. The bulk of our suppliers give us early access to their inventory. This ensures that we receive the freshest and highest-quality beef available, as well as the most up-to-date use-by dates.

Do wholesale meat suppliers have better quality meats?

We recommend taking the time to know what to look out for when buying meat. A bright red color, little to no odor, smooth, clean cuts on steaks with no jagged edges, a high amount of marbling, and a shimmering on the surface of the meat with no discolored patches are all signs you want to see. Colour, marbling, and waterholding capacity are used to visually identify high-quality meat. Small streaks of fat located within the muscle that may be seen in the meat cut are known as marbling. The juiciness and flavour of meat are improved by marbling. 

Meat suppliers who source their produce and encourage eco friendly farming such as free range will typically have higher standard meats compared to battery farmed animals. 

Is the meat from DB Foods top quality?

DB Foods Limited is the UK’s top wholesale meat supplier to the butchery and food service industries, offering a wide range of high-quality wholesale meat, poultry, game, and deli goods. They have a well-known reputation for supplying high-quality wholesale meat products at great prices. While the company’s key products include wholesale beef, lamb, pig, veal, poultry, and game, exotics and deli items are gradually being added to the mix. 

Is meat cheaper wholesale compared to buying from a butcher?

Wholesale meat suppliers are usually cheaper than buying at full retail price at a supermarket. Many butchers offer excellent meat at the same price and sometimes cheaper than a supermarket. However some have found buying from their local butchers is more expensive than their local supermarket. The price of wholesale meats will vary depending on quality and where the meat has been sourced. Free range and well fed animals make for creating delicious quality products.

We can always buy our items at the most competitive price because of our outstanding supplier relationships, and these savings are passed on to our clients. We understand that everyone’s tastes are different, so we hand-pick meat to your specifications. Regular feedback is always welcome to ensure that our customers are happy with the items we select for them.

Where can I buy the best quality beef in the UK?

Whelan Meats provides high-quality, cost-effective meat to any significant company looking to deliver the highest level of meat to their clients. We take into mind each customer’s specific needs, and we understand that your first order with us will most likely not be your largest! We do, however, want to provide a repeat service to a company that would likely place weekly orders. This allows us to build close relationships with our customers and give outstanding service and value for money. We provide the finest quality pork, delicious boneless steaks, lamb leg steaks, delicious quality sausage, pork sausage meat and delicious unsmoked pork.

North London, West London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Berkshire, and Hertfordshire are all served by us. We provide delivery all year round to wholesale butchers using refrigerated vans to ensure the products remain fresh. Please contact us using the information online on our website’s contact page. You can view our shop, read about our team and see what we have to offer. We can then schedule an initial consultation where we can discuss what you require. Don’t hesitate to ask about our select speciality range. This is simply a quick, direct conversation to see whether we’re a good match.