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Wholesale Meat Near Me

Are you struggling to get a wholesale meat supplier that meets your expectations? Many businesses including hotels, restaurants, and butchers need meat that is high quality and supplied reliably. Whelan Meat & Provision are here to take care of your sourcing and delivery requirements. We guarantee premium quality wholesale meat that is delivered on a regular schedule.

Our wholesale meat includes the best beef, pork, and chicken

At Whelan Meat and Provision, we ensure high standards are met through constant assessment of every aspect of the business. Our products are sourced locally to maintain the highest quality. We offer a variety of wholesale meat to choose from. Get the best beef, pork, chicken, and more exotic meats delivered right to your doorstep.

Whelan Meat and Provision is endowed with a rich history and is experienced in agricultural processes. This means our team has top-notch expertise at every stage of the supply chain. Customer satisfaction is our objective, and every effort is taken to ensure this goal is achieved. 

We deliver wholesale meat products to hotels, restaurants, butchers, and more!

To get value for money, you need a wholesale supplier who delivers the meat you want, how you want it and when you want it. Whether you’re a butcher, restaurant, catering business, or hotel, you will benefit from our regular early morning delivery service.

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You can rely on Whelan Meat & Provisions to meet all your wholesale meat requirements. Our products are guaranteed to help you prepare the best steak, sausages, chicken, and more. Place your order today!