Looking for a wholesale butcher? Whelan Meat & Provisions can cater for all your wholesale meat needs.

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About Whelan Meats & Provisions

We are a seasoned and dependable wholesale butcher family business established in 1977. Our wholesale meat is supplied to customers all throughout England who rely on us to deliver the freshest and finest quality meat available.

All of our items are hand-selected from our vendors to ensure consistent quality. No matter what size your order is, our extensive product line assures that we can meet all of your meat requirements; Steak, sausages, pork, beef, lamb, goat and poultry plus many more products.

We can always buy our items at the most competitive price because of our outstanding supplier relationships, and these savings are passed on to our clients.

We understand that everyone’s tastes are different, so we hand-pick meat to the customer’s specifications. Regular feedback is always welcome to ensure that our customers are happy with the items we select for them.

There is no charge for delivery! We’ll work with you to find the best delivery option for you. All orders placed by 9 p.m. will be delivered to your home by 9 a.m. the next day – in less than 12 hours!

We’ve created solid ties with a variety of suppliers over the last 40 years to guarantee we always have lots of high-quality meat. The bulk of our suppliers give us early access to their inventory. This ensures that we receive the freshest and highest-quality wholesale meat available, as well as the most up-to-date use-by dates.

We supply many different organisations from humble butcher shops to supermarkets, caterers, restaurants and hotels.

You can contact us by filling out an online contact form on our website.

How a wholesale meat supplier works

Our major goal is to provide excellent service, and we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations at all times. We take pleasure in our ability to communicate effectively so that you can stay informed about the best products at the best rates.

Step 1 – Fill out our contact form and provide a brief description of your needs.

Step 2 – Within one full working day, a member of our team will contact you to have a quick discussion about your needs.

Step 3 – You will be given a phone number and an email address where you may place future orders. All products will be delivered to you free of charge within 24 hours.

What is a wholesale butcher?

A wholesale butcher deals with meats before they are sent from the meat wholesaler/packaging plant to before they are sent to local butcher and grocery stores to be processed into smaller slices. There are eight wholesale cuts from which retail cuts are made. Cattle shoulder and chest are used to make the fore shank and brisket. The brisket is the most popular retail cut.

The beef tenderloin, which is situated within the loin, is the most tender cut of beef. This is where filet mignon is formed, which is made from the very tip of the tenderloin’s pointed end. The central cut of the tenderloin is used to make chateaubriand. From the short loin to the sirloin, the tenderloin runs.

Is it cheaper to buy meats from a butcher or supermarket?

While you may pay more for meat in a butcher’s shop than in a supermarket, you can be sure you’re getting better meat. In a supermarket, you’re more than likely to get a cheaper cut of meat for a bargain price, or a cut that isn’t grass-fed and is of slightly inferior quality.  It is also nice to support local businesses and farmers which is another reason to choose a local butcher over a large supermarket chain.

Is buying quality meat in wholesale cheaper?

Yes, in most situations and depending on how much meat you will use or sell.  In other circumstances, buying in bulk may not save you money over grocery store sale pricing, but the value comes from knowing where the meat came from and directly supporting local farmers.

How do I get a meat supplier?

Get in contact with us today using the contact form on our website, you can use the button link below.