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Wholesale Burgers

Whelan Meats – For All Your Wholesale Burgers

Whelan Meats is proud to cater to all your needs when it comes to wholesale burgers. Does your business specialise in providing the most delicious burgers to a discerning crowd? Whelan Meat & Provisions has been supplying the best beef burgers in the business since 1977. Our family run business offers wholesale burgers and other meat products to restaurants and caterers across the U.K. Whether you focus on BBQ, burgers, or fine dining, we have the right selection for your needs. 

We offer a prime selection of pork, beef, chicken, mutton, baby back ribs, and game meats for regular delivery. Our premium burgers can help your business to shine with their superior taste and quality. They never fail to impress, and your customers will be raving about your entire burger line selection.

Although we specialise in classic beef burgers, we offer a wide range product list of beef, Halal, pork, and chicken burger options, including:

  • Economy beef burger
  • Premium beef burger
  • Superior beef burger
  • Classic Halal beef burger
  • Superior Halal beef burger
  • Premium Halal beef burger
  • Pork burger
  • Chicken burger

Just scroll through our inventory and select your desired options. Once you’ve created a list add any extra directions, and we’ll call you to confirm your order. Or, access your cart add all desired items and send it through. If you wish, add item popular for your customers directly to your account for easy ordering in the future. If a stock is currently unavailable, please make a note of it when ordering so we can ensure its availability as quickly as possible. We’ll check what we can do about expediting the next shipment of food for you to see that your customers are kept satisfied with the best beef around town.

Orders will be promptly delivered the following day, according to your specifications. 

Whelan’ Meat’s Economy Beef Burger

Whelan Meat & Provisions has three types of beef burgers – economy, premium, and superior. Each quality level is delicious. The economy beef burger is an excellent choice for ma and pop shops that cater to a local crowd. They make for an excellent choice for burger stands and catering to less formal occasions. 

Our economy beef burger is ordered by several well-known BBQ shops around the U.K. and is a popular choice amongst our customers.

Whelan Meat’s Superior Beef Burger

Another Whelan Meat & Provisions beef burger option is the superior beef burger. This burger is made from our highest quality beef and has a superior flavour and consistency. The superior beef burger is popular among our fine dining establishments. It is also an excellent choice for catering a less formal event for an upper-class crowd. The quality and outstanding flavours and juices that abound in this beef burger will not be missed by the discerning palate of your customers. 

This is a burger that can be served opposite a filet mignon or t-bone without shame and pairs beautifully with a Shiraz.

Whelan Meat’s Superior Halal Beef Burger

If your business offers Halal meat products, you’re in luck because Whelan Meat & Provisions offers several Halal beef options for your burger needs! We offer a classic Halal beef burger as well as a prime Halal beef burger. Both options are strictly Halal and follow all regulations to meet standards. The difference in the classic and superior Halal burger is similar to that between our economy beef burger and our superior beef burger. The class Halal burger is best for less formal dining establishments and occasions, while the superior Halal beef burger is better suited to fine dining establishments and formal events.

If you’re looking for the best Halal beef for your burger establishment, we are happy to provide your business with regular deliveries of all your Halal beef and meat needs. We understand that finding the best cuts of beef and meats is crucial for the restaurant business. We take pride in offering our customers the absolute best meats for fair prices. We are also reliable in our delivery methods.

Contact Us, and We’ll Get Back To You ASAP!

If you’re interested in ordering one of our burgers – beef, Halal, pork, or chicken, please reach out to us. We’re happy to discuss our beef gradings and qualities to help ensure you get the right beef type for your establishment.