Looking for delicious lamb? Whelan Meat – Whole Lamb For Sale

Whole lamb for sale

How much does it cost to buy a whole lamb?

We offer whole lamb for sale, prices are available upon request. This is because they change frequently owing to supply and availability, and we want to provide you with the most up-to-date information possible.

The price of a whole lamb also varies depending on the supplier and the quality of the meat.  The average price for Sheep and lambs was £4.75 per kg of dressed carcass weight in 2020.

All of the meat we have for sale is thoroughly inspected to ensure your lamb meat is farm-to-table fresh and perfect for roasting.

Can I have my meat delivered?

Yes, all of our meat products will be with you within 24 hours at no additional cost in a secure and protective box. We have a range of meats and cuts available from the farm for you to choose from.

Monday through Thursday, we deliver in the morning. All products will be delivered the following morning if an order is placed by 9 p.m. the night before. All products are delivered in a temperature-controlled vehicle at a temperature of 0.5-2 degrees. If you allow overnight access to your premises, we can deliver early in the morning so that everything is ready for you when you arrive.

We take into mind each customer’s specific needs, and we understand that your first order with us will most likely not be your largest! We do, however, want to provide a repeat service to a company that would likely place weekly orders. This allows us to build close relationships with our customers and give outstanding service.

North London, West London, Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, Middlesex, Berkshire, and Hertfordshire are all served by us.

We do not currently provide home delivery for any of our items, only deliveries to businesses.

Don’t take our word for it, check out our website for our customer reviews that will tell you why you should choose us as your meat supplier.

Please contact us using the information on our website’s contact page. We can then schedule an initial consultation. This is simply a quick conversation to see whether we’re a good match. If all goes well, you’ll be given a phone number that you can call at any moment to place orders.

What meat do you have for sale?

We offer a full range of common and specialised farm meat such as pork, poultry, lamb, beef, mutton, goat, game and deli meat. These can be ordered in many forms such as steaks, lamb chops, pork chops and we also offer whole lamb for sale.

We work with a large number of vendors, so we can meet almost any requirement. However, because we are a wholesaler, we do have minimum order amounts on some items.

Here are some common animals raised for meat and the ages at which they achieve market weight:

Chickens – 46 days
Pigs – 5 to 6 months
Goats – 4-6 months
Cattle – 14-18 months (full size, feedlot steers, veal is younger, grass fed and finished is older)

Our clients are butcher’s shops, restaurants, caterers and hotels.

We provide a week’s credit to all new customers. Within a week of placing the order, payment must be made via bank transfer. Alternative payment terms can be agreed for long-term customers.

We may give you different payment options with references upon request. Please contact us so that we may offer you different options with references from similar firms.

What’s a cheaper meat? Beef or Lamb?

Lamb meat is generally more expensive per pound than pork, beef and other farm meats. Lamb is more expensive per pound alive than pigs or bulls because of their smaller size. Certain beef can be more expensive than lamb, such as kobe or wagyu beef.

Lambs also tend to have a better quality of life before slaughter and are often sold whole to butchers. Lamb requires more particular attention and handling than other meats, resulting in higher butcher shop charges.

Despite being fattier than beef, lamb is more likely to be grass-fed, and as a result, it contains more omega-3 fatty acids than grass-fed cattle. As a result, the majority of the fat in lamb is on the outside, where it can simply be cut away.