In Need Of Meat? Our Meat Suppliers Offer A Selection Of Meats And The Best Beef

What is the best online meat company in the UK?

Depending upon what you desire, there are a huge variety of online meat suppliers for you to choose from. Here are a few for you to look at:

For Middle White pork, go to HUNTSHAM FARM. You haven’t lived until you’ve had one of Huntsham Farm’s Middle White Pork Sausages, which are produced by one of the few remaining Middle White pig farms in the world. Top Michelin star rating chefs, customers, and food writers all praise farmer Richard Vaughan’s native breed hog, but he insists he has no idea what distinguishes his pork unique from everyone else’s. 

The Wild Meat Company, which specializes in wild game shot and processed in Suffolk, comes highly recommended by Rick Stein, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, and a slew of other great chefs and foodies. Expect wild duck, rabbit, hare, grouse, and much more, shot on neighboring farms and estates in East Anglia and delivered overnight in fridge-like conditions to mainland UK addresses, thanks to a modern website and great customer service.

Pipers Farm can be trusted for excellent products and its commitment to animal care, superb taste, and the local Devon community, having won a slew of honors. The idea of this family-run business, which has been in operation for twenty-five years, is to raise comfortable animals slowly, in small groups, with minimal stress, which means that medication is only used when absolutely necessary. Peter Grieg taught himself and continues to experiment with different cuts and recipes. Seasonal, family, and healthy boxes, as well as pies, broths, and sauces, are all available.

Is it cheaper to buy meat from a wholesale meat supplier? 

Yes, in some situations. In other circumstances, buying in bulk may not save you money over supermarket sale pricing, but the value comes from knowing where the meat products came from and directly supporting local farmers. Although butchers can be more expensive than a supermarket, qualified butchers can recommend alternate cuts of meat that will save you money without compromising flavour or quality. If you own a restaurant or business, buying meat products from wholesale suppliers will offer you a fresh range of lamb, chicken, pork, turkey and much more at top quality for reasonable prices. Even if you simply want to buy in bulk and stockpile in the freezer or are holding a party, buying from specialized suppliers will definitely save you money.  

What range of products are available?

We work with a large number of vendors, so we can meet almost any requirement. However, because we are a wholesaler, we do have minimum order amounts on some items due to supplies. We ensure that there is a varied range for you to choose from when you get in touch with us. Beef, lamb and chicken are always readily available for us to provide. You can rest assured knowing we will get you the best quality meat products. Due to using a range of vendors, we are able to supply meat all year round. We strive to provide you with the pork loin roast you deserve with the family. As we are a wholesale meat supplier, we reach out to the very best supplier for the meat we stock. Trust in us to supply you with a wide range of meat products for whatever occasion. We have a special offers selection and a range of products of the highest quality for you to view and read about on our website. For a quote, please get in touch with us. 

Once you have chosen the meat you desire, why not try something new and look online for a unique recipe and wine to compliment the dish you’ll be making. There is a huge range of steak recipes beef, what you can do with bought meat fish, steaks chops recipes and ideas with what to do with your meat fish vegetables. 

Who are the main companies supplying the best meats?

The Thoroughly Wild Meat Company: Lamb and mutton grazed in the saltmarshes of the Severn Estuary’s Bridgewater Bay. The meat is extraordinarily soft and takes on the flavor of the dozens of kinds of plants and grasses that grow on the marshes. Mutton, which is typically used for stewing, can also be grilled (leg steaks only).

Jack O’Shea’s: Opening his UK shop last year, this dashing former racehorse trainer has been snatched up as a supplier to Heston Blumenthal’s Fat Duck restaurant, and even appeared in Heston’s new ‘anorak’ cookery series – so the food should be delicious. Yes, it is. Extraordinary tender, ‘bone-aged’ Irish Black Angus butchered at O’Shea’s family abattoir. As soon as you walk in the door, you’ll notice the beef sides hanging from the ceiling, and you’ll want to wait a little longer for that deep, deep flavor. Also offered are seaweed-fed Orkney lamb, organic and rare-breed pork, free-range and organic chickens, wild game, and wagyu beef. Jack O’Shea, who also operates a shop in Brussels, cuts meat in the continental style; ask for uncommon steak cuts like bavette, onglet, and lamb pavé for quick grilling.

Organic Daylesford: This is a company that has set the bar for organic pork by curing it on its own farms. It is no longer enough for organic to follow the appropriate eco-principles (which it frequently does); it must also taste nice. Daylesford succeeds in both goals, particularly with their meat selection. Alderton (cooked) ham baked with marmalade or Wiltshire honey-mustard-glazed ham are two options. Aberdeen Angus beef, veal from their Gloucester dairy herd, and lamb and fowl from British breeds are also available. If you require the meat to be minced before sending, this is something they offer. Their mince meat is delicious. 

Are Butcher & Edmonds the best for supplying beef?

For more than seven decades, they have been committed to upholding the highest standards in sourcing and supplying the finest meat to professional cuisine establishments in the city. They strive to become the number one choice for sophisticated cooks as a family-owned enterprise controlled by skilled butchers. They believe that paying attention to detail is the key to developing trust with their clients, and that they will always receive the greatest produce at the best price, thus they source their excellent suppliers in person across the UK and Europe. They pack their vans and leave early in the morning to deliver your goods, guaranteeing that orders are handled overnight to match the freshest standards.

George Butcher and Harry Edmonds began their long-running partnership as meat traders in 1948, operating out of the old Leadenhall market, which was established in 1445. Many banks, Gentleman’s Clubs, and famous Livery Halls in the City of London were among their clients. They have been operating since then and have made quite a name for themselves across the UK. They supply excellent quality beef, as well as other meats such as poultry and lamb.