Wholesale Pig Trotters

Wholesale Pig Trotters

Are you a retailer, hotelier, butcher, or restaurateur in Buckinghamshire or the surrounding area? Does your business stock and sell pork, pig trotters, cuts, and other pork products? If you answered yes to these questions, you no doubt require a professional and reliable wholesaler.

 The wholesaler is the link between the farmers and any business where you eat or purchase pork. Whelan Meat and Provisions has been an established wholesaler for over 40 years and has an exceptional reputation in the industry.

We source and supply butchers, hotels, restaurants, and other retail outlets with pork, cuts, pig trotters, and many other pig derivatives. 

Get the finest pig trotters from Whelan Meat & Provisions

If you are looking for pig trotters, we source and handpick the freshest items for delivery. We only work with farms that meet the required health and safety regulations for livestock. A fit, healthy pig provides the best quality cuts and is richer in flavour. 

 The farms have regular inspections of hygiene and breeding environments where the pigs are raised. Safeguards such as this ensure that pig feet and other pork products that we supply, are fresh, tasty, and completely safe for consumption. 

Our succulent pork trotters are delivered to your doorstep

We operate an early morning delivery service that is extremely beneficial to our clients. If you have a batch of pig trotters on order, they will arrive in preparation for your working day with minimal interference to customer hours. 

Order our finest hand-picked meat supplies today!

You can rely on our experienced team to handpick only the freshest, most succulent, pig trotters, and other pork products. Each trotter has to be of a certain level of quality before making the grade. 

 The pork, trotters, and meat that we deliver are of consistently high quality. We make sure that we get the best cuts and derivatives from every pig that we source. 

Contact us today to place your order of premium pig trotters!