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Meat Wholesalers London

Are you searching for the best meat wholesalers London has to offer? We provide the London area with quality wholesale meat, beef, and pork. We’re renowned as one of if not the top meat wholesaler in London’s meat scene. We offer selections of the finest naturally reared meat. Our chicken, poultry, and pork products are also of the highest quality. We’ve been supplying London since 1977 with the finest meat products from our home to yours. It’s like having your own, personal butcher to hand pick the best product for your market.

We don’t just operate in London either – we deliver all over the UK! Just contact us to discuss your fresh wholesale meat delivery.

Beef Wholesale

We aren’t your average meat suppliers with wholesale meats, our meats and beef are all of high quality, from our beef steaks to our steak beef ribs, BBQs beef brisket, BBQ Picanha beef, and our beef brisket BBQ. Just call us and we can give you specifics on the high quality beef products we currently have on offer for immediate delivery throughout the UK. 

Our meat can be delivered tomorrow morning, if you place an order with us today before closing. We are fast and efficient with our deliveries, and happy to set up a regular schedule with our clients. We can also let you know when select cuts of beef become available.

Pork Wholesale

Our pork is famously good, from our pork ribs view – not half as good as their taste – to naturally reared meat pork, we can supply you with quality pork meat to please your customers’ taste buds. Whether you need sausage links or sausage patties, the flavours will blow your mind! This is the finest naturally reared pork products on offer in the UK today. You’ll be a hit on the London food scene with our high quality meat products. 

Meat Suppliers

If you’re looking for a quality meat supplier in the London, UK area, reach out to us at Whelan Meat & Provisions. We hand select all of our meat to ensure we maintain a high level of quality, value, and freshness. 

Wholesale Halal Meat

Did you know that Whelan Meat & Provisions also provides wholesale Halal meat? We absolutely do! If you have a Halal meat menu in your restaurant, catering, or other food business, you’ll want to try an order of our Halal verified meat. This Halal meat is held to the same standards as the rest of our quality meat – plus it is Halal verified! We hand select our Halal meat for quality, freshness, and value, the same as we select the rest of our top meats.  

Your Quality Meat Supplier in London Since 1977

Did you know that Whelan Meat & Provisions has been operating since 1977? That’s right, we’ve been serving London and the rest of the UK area since the 70s and providing our high quality meat for the people of the UK for decades. We’re a family run business, so we grew up watching our parents and took on their high regard for quality and value. We offer only the freshest, highest quality meat to our customers. This is why we still hand select our meats, just like we saw our parents do when we were growing up and learning the business trade. 

Now, we’re happy to provide you with the same high quality meat that our parents may have provided to your parents! And we’re instilling our high values and stringent expectations for quality meat in the next generation to carry on the Whelan Meat & Provisions family name! 

Give us a call to discuss how Whelan Meat can provide your business with the best cuts of meat in the UK.

Contact Whelan Meat & Provisions

If you’re interested in ordering from us, please give us a call or contact us online. If you’re a first time customer, we’ll have you fill out an order sheet. For now, we don’t service private homes, only food businesses with a certain level of meat supply needs. We’re happy to set up an initial phone call with you to determine if we are the right fit for your business! Call us today!