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Goat Meat Near Me

Looking for locally sourced goat meat? Call Whelan Meat & Provisions?

“I’m looking for wholesale goat meat near me!” 

At Whelan Meat and Provisions, we mainly work with wholesale meat retail. Our company supplies products to hotels, restaurants, & butchers. We use our expertise so people can trust that the meat they buy from us is fresh, safe, and delicious.

Need delivery of goat meat to your hotel or restaurant? Whelan Meat and Provisions will deliver this delicious, succulent, and delicious product to your door. Our meat products are sourced locally in small batches to maintain the highest quality. The goat meat is supplied and packaged to the highest standards and will have your customers returning for more. Deliveries are scheduled to your specified address specified by you on the completed order form. Delivery times will be agreed upon with you at the time of placing your order. 

What makes goat so great for cooking, and how can I find wholesale goat meat near me?

What is goat popular in certain countries? How does goat’s meat differ from other meat products? Adult goat’s meat is known as chevon, while a young goat’s meat is a kid or cabrito. This type of goat’s meat is a speciality especially common in Latin American Cuisine, usually prepared by slow roasting. Goat can be both a delicacy and a part of a staple diet in the world’s cuisines.

Goat often has a strong, gamey flavour but the meat can also be mild. These variations depend on how the animal is raised and prepared. Most cultures prefer goat’s meat from mature animals, while other cultures prefer younger goat’s meat.

Goat meat is grouped into the red meat group. It is leaner and contains a reduced amount of cholesterol and fat than lamb or beef. It, therefore, requires slow cooking with low heat to preserve moisture and tenderness. Goat meat can be prepared in a variety of ways. They include stewing, canning, barbecuing, currying, baking, mincing, grilling, or making it into sausages.

Whether it's Chevon or Cabrito, give Whelan a call!

Whelan Meat & Provisions aim to offer you the best services possible. If our goat meat doesn’t meet your requirements, please contact us so we can resolve any issues.

Our company prides itself on sourcing and supplying great meat. If you are looking for quality goat meat to add to your menu, get in touch. We pride ourselves on being trustworthy, quick to answer, and always happy to go the extra mile. Do not hesitate to recommend Whelan Meat and Provisions to anyone looking for top-quality goat meat. Contact us today to place an order.

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