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Free Range Chicken

Free range chicken farming is an effective method of animal husbandry where the chicken is allowed to freely roam outdoors rather than being confined by an enclosure for 24 hours a day. This method creates benefits for both the chicken and the land that is used. Chickens thrive in a natural environment, compared to the stressful conditions that battery chickens endure. 

Whelan Meat and Provisions is located in Amersham,. We are a wholesale company that provides a wide range of meat, game, and poultry to customers in the local area. Our products are selected by hand on ensuring only the best items make the grade. We take pride in our competitive prices and affordable products.

Choose our hand picked locally sourced free range chickens

If you are a business that sells or cooks with free-range chickens, you can rely on our friendly, reliable service. We deal with producers that have an established reputation for free-range chicken farming. It’s important for our clients, and their customers to know that chickens have had a healthy, natural life.  Outdoor rearing has many benefits for the chicken and the consumer, adding to the deep flavour and wholesome taste. 

Premium chicken that cooks well and tastes delicious

When buying free range, chicken should be easy to cook with delicious and mouth-watering taste. The healthy environment resulting from outdoor roaming makes the chickens’ bones stronger and healthier.  Furthermore, the lack of antibiotics in the meat makes the chicken more delectable and nutritious for consumption. When ordering from Whelan meat and provisions, you are assured of premium chicken, pork, beef, and more.

Why choose chickens that are free-range or corn fed?

There are a plethora of benefits accrued from free range chicken farming. For instance, the quality of meat is exceptional compared to other forms of chicken. The prime reason for this is that free range, or corn fed chickens have access to a variety of insects and organisms rich in protein and other minerals. These aspects are essential for the growth and development of hens.

Free range hens yield eggs of higher quality as compared to caged hens. The fresh air and movement give their eggs high amounts of protein and amino acid, as well as omega-3.

Unlike caged chicken, free range chickens are not susceptible to diseases caused by stress and irrational behaviour. This is a critical aspect that should make one opt for free range hens.

Chicken raised in industry settings tends to be given antibiotics, making them lose their natural flavour and taste. This is contrary to free-range chicken that grows in its natural habitat and consumes the right food.

Practising free range chicken farming is quite affordable because all you need are the free resources from the environment. This is not the case for caged chicken where you have to provide everything and dedicate more time to them.

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