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The chuck steak is one of the best and most economical cuts of beef. In the UK, it’s known as braising steak and it is well known for its use as ground beef or mince. It has just the right balance of fat and meat and is rich in flavour. The chuck is cut from the shoulders and in most cases, it’s sold pre-diced to be sued in certain dishes. The shoulders of an animal are one of the hardest working parts and, for that reason, it can be quite tough to cut the beef out if you do not know how to do it correctly. That said, chuck steak is one of the most available cuts in the market.

It is in high demand because the beef has good tissue and fat content that requires to be broken down. For this reason, it is used in pies, casseroles, and stews that are cooked for over one hour. The sauce takes most of the beef flavour during the cooking process while at the same time ensuring that the meat doesn’t dry out while cooking. This versatility means it can be included in a wide range of meaty recipes that taste delicious.

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