Beef Chuck UK

Beef Chuck UK

Whelan's beef selection includes chuck steak

Welcome to Whelan Meat and Provisions. We are an experienced meat wholesaler offering a selection of high-quality meat for businesses that include hotels, restaurants, and butchers. We give you that essential element of trust that every consumer requires when they buy meat today in our stores or when dining. Whether it’s beef, lamb, chicken, or pork you can be sure that we will supply the finest cuts of meat. 

We handpick the finest cuts of organic beef

We source prime organic beef from local farms to bring our customers that unique taste of premium steak. Every product we sell is backed by our 100% satisfaction commitment to you. Our range of meat offers a huge variety of menu options, including steak, lamb chops, joints, chicken, and pork dishes. 

Use beef chuck steak as part of your menu

There is a huge variety of options for your meat menu using this type of beef. It is a part of a subprime cut called the chuck. It is cut rectangular and contains shoulder bones parts. The figure of this shoulder bone is a cross-section resembling the digit ‘7’. The cut is regularly broiled or grilled. A thicker shoulder bone is sold as “chuck roast” or “7-bone roast” that is typically cooked with liquid as a pot roast. The roast or bone-in beef chuck steak is an economical cut of beef. In the United Kingdom, it is generally referred to as a “braising steak”. Unlike premium steak cuts, it is prevalent for use as ground beef as it is rich in flavour and has a balance of meat and fat.

There are other variations of chuck cuts. They include:

  • Chuck eye (cuts from the roll centre, sold as chuck tender or mock tender steak),
  • Chuck fillet (sold as chuck tender and chuck eye steak)
  • Top blade steak
  • Cross-rib roast (sold as rib pot roast)
  • Under-blade steak (also known as the “Denver cut”)
  • Shoulder roast or shoulder steak
  • Arm roast steak

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